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QES Second Grade Brings History to Life

By: Codi Kenter

Amaya Jamison portrays Dolley Madison during the QES Wax Museum.


Quinter Elementary School hosted some of the most famous Americans throughout history.  These famous figures came to teach students, parents, and community members about their lives and the impacts they made.  These beloved heroes came in the form of QES’s second grade classes, taught by Mrs. Natalie Boone and Mrs. Sarah Simon.

The wax museum started in 1999, and is held every year in March by the second grade students.  Different students, different principals and teachers, and different community members have come and gone, but the magic of the wax museum continues to live on.

On Tuesday, March 5, this year’s class finished their Wax Museum Project with presentations in the gym for their family and other students. Each student in the second grade is given a famous character from history that they have to research and write a two minute presentation.  Students then find props and costumes to dress the part and act like their character. Those entering the wax museum travel from exhibit to exhibit and listen as each second grader explains their person and the impact their person had on history.

Rody Hedleston portrayed Robert Goddard the engineer, physicist, and inventor. When asked what he found interesting about Goddard, Rody noted that he “launched rockets” and he has been to the site of those launches.

Peyton Baalman represented Nellie Bly, the famous reporter.

“My favorite fact about her was that she was locked in a mental hospital for ten days once,” commented Baalman. Baalman’s favorite part of the project was presenting it in front of her family and friends.

Trynden Remington acted as the famous manufacturer, John Deere. One interesting fact that he researched was that he made over a hundred plows each year.

“My favorite part was presenting it,” commented Remington. “I wasn't really nervous, but it was fun to learn about him.”

The second grade class continues to push forward throughout the year. Beyond the wax museum, they focus on reading fluency to prepare for the upper grades in elementary school.  A great deal of time in math will be spent on measurements. In science they learn about life and life cycles. Overall, the goal is to give these students a well-rounded education as they move forward at Quinter Elementary School.