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Quinter Elementary Newsletter 12/09/16



Emotional Development for children continues to evolve as they grow and have varied experiences. There are social/emotional skills established for the State of Kansas to help educators teach appropriate emotional development to our students. An example of those skills is …

  • Emotional Self-awareness
    • Beginning skills tend to have one emotion at a time, acting on how they feel, flip between one emotion to another quickly
    • Developing skills demonstrate that children know they can have more than one emotion in reaction to the same event as long as they are similar (i.e. happy and excited)
    • Developed skills show an understanding that children can have opposite feelings to the same situation (i.e. feel both happy and sad that the school year is ending)

Many things influence how a child expresses emotions, both through words and behavior. To begin with, children certainly have different temperaments. Values and beliefs of families and other important care givers influence a child’s development. Children learn through observation and experiences. Stress within a family can also impact a child’s emotions. Our goal is to have children accept their feelings and develop effective strategies to then manage those feelings.


Christmas Programs: 5th & 6th graders have their program with QJSHS this year. As our class sizes increase, so do the people wanting to watch programs. Last year we had too many people in the auditorium which was explained to me by the state fire marshal. Therefore, we will not allow sitting in the aisles nor would it be fair to allow saving seats. The doors will open at 6:30 for a 7:00 concert. Know that the Christmas Concerts will be available to watch on our local TV, Channel 150.


Dates to Remember:    


M-Dec 12        Program Practice @ QHS 

                        5:00 BOE Mtg

                        7:00 Grades 5-12 Christmas Concert (QHS auditorium) Doors open @ 6:30PM

                        7:00-9:00  Wrestling??????????

T-Dec 13         2:30-3:30 Grade 3 Kids a Cookin’ (cafeteria)

                        3:40-5:30 Grades 5 & 6 Boys Basketball Practice (gym) . 

W-Dec 14        3:45-5:00  Grades 5 & 6 Girls Basketball Practice (gym)  

Th-Dec 15      3:40-5:30 Grades 5 & 6 Boys Basketball Practice (gym).

                        6:00-8:30  Wrestling 

F-Dec 16         3:45-5:00  Grades 5 & 6 Girls Basketball Practice (gym)

M-Dec 19        7:00 Grades K-4 Christmas Concert 

T-Dec 20         All AM Preschoolers come to morning session (Buddies? & Christmas Party)

                        All PM Preschoolers come to afternoon session (Buddies? & Christmas Party)

                        End of Second Nine Weeks 

Dec 21-Jan 3  NO School – Christmas Break

Th-Dec 22       6:00-8:30  Wrestling

M-Dec 26        7:00-9:00  Wrestling

Th-Dec 29       6:00-8:30  Wrestling

M-Jan 2          7:00-9:00  Wrestling

City of Christmas Christmas Party

Quinter Elementary Newsletter 12/02/16

The holiday season is an exciting time and it can also be a very emotional time!Emotions matter! Children’s responses to different experiences have a major impact on their choices, their behavior, and on how well they cope and enjoy life. Children develop at different rates emotionally, just as they do academically and physically.

Growing emotionally involves learning what feelings and emotions are, understanding why and how they happen, and learning effective ways to manage those feelings. As children grow, they are exposed to many different situations and their emotional lives can become quite complex. Developing skills for managing a range of emotions is very important; we want them to have these skills so that they are successful and content for life. Parents and other care givers play an important role in children’s emotional wellbeing by providing examples and talking to children about how to manage their feelings.

Sometimes a child acts out but has not really recognized what he/she is feeling or why those emotions are present. Encourage your child to feel comfortable with his/her emotions and provide practice in talking about feelings. This will help each child develop ways to acknowledge and manage his/her emotions!

Dates to Remember:

M-Dec 5 3:45-5:00 Girl Scouts Meeting

7:00-9:00 Wrestling

T-Dec 6 3:40-5:30 Grades 5 & 6 Boys Basketball Practice (gym)

W-Dec 7 3:45-5:00 Grades 5 & 6 Girls Basketball Practice (gym)

Th-Dec 8 3:40-5:30 Grades 5 & 6 Boys Basketball Practice (gym)

6:00-8:30 Wrestling

M-Dec 12 7:00 Grades 5-12 Christmas Concert (QHS auditorium)

7:00-9:00 Wrestling??????????

T-Dec 13 2:30-3:30 Grade 3 Kids a Cookin’ (cafeteria)

3:40-5:30 Grades 5 & 6 Boys Basketball Practice (gym)

W-Dec 14 3:45-5:00 Grades 5 & 6 Girls Basketball Practice (gym)

3:45 Faculty Meeting

Th-Dec 15 3:40-5:30 Grades 5 & 6 Boys Basketball Practice (gym)

6:00-8:30 Wrestling

F-Dec 16 3:45-5:00 Grades 5 & 6 Girls Basketball Practice (gym