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Christmas Traditions Throughout The Junior High

By Blake Selensky



With the Holiday season in full swing many people participate in traditions that they share with their family and friends. Since Christmas is right around the corner, it’s not uncommon to already see Christmas traditions in action amongst friends and family. Many Christmas traditions consist of putting up a Christmas tree, making festive treats, and even sitting around watching Christmas movies while drinking hot chocolate. With so many traditions being shared throughout the holiday season, it’s not unusual to see the same traditions. However, many people put their own spin on their holiday traditions. The Quinter Junior High School seventh grade and eighth grade class participates in many Christmas activities outside of the classroom. With activities from participating in the Quinter City Christmas Celebration, traveling to their grandparents house, and even going to the mountains.

Many seventh and eighth graders holiday traditions consist of getting together with friends and family to open presents, but for Trevor Kaiser one holiday tradition is getting together with his family and friends and going bowling in Oakley. Along with gathering together with friends and family, many travel to their grandparents houses while others held Christmas in their own living rooms. Even with or without the travel, many seventh and eighth graders get together and sit down for a holiday feast. These feasts range in a variety of food from ham and beef to desserts galore. However, if you were to ask Cashlyn Kvasnicka about her Christmas feast you would find that her family usually prepares ham, mashed potatoes, corn, and a roll.

“It’s delicious, I love eating all of the rolls,” commented Kvasnicka.

But before feasting on this delicious meal many students share different traditional Christmas Eve activities. When it comes to Ethan Gruenbacher, he enjoys spending time playing games with his family, and attending a midnight church service.

“I love playing pitch with my family. We all get really competitive but it’s always a lot of fun,” commented Gruenbacher.

However, for other students’ Christmas Eves consists of opening presents under the Christmas tree and then falling asleep while waiting for Santa.

“I love the Christmas time because it allows all of my family members the opportunity to get together and carry on in our holiday traditions,” commented Kelsey Selensky.