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Local Wellness Policy for Quinter Public Schools

Maintenance Mode: Below are ideas we have implemented in the past and that we continue to believe are important for the future of our wellness policy.


Physical Activity:

QES has 3 days of PE. Music Class plans one day of “active” participation for all students.

Teachers are encouraged to use extra play time and other activities as rewards. Even at Quinter Junior Senior HS, there is a Reward Room, which contains a Ping-Pong table, Pool Table, Wii, set up for students when they meet goals rather than providing candy and food.

Teachers have been trained in the past to use exercise and physical games as brain breaks. Our PE. Teacher attended a workshop this summer on helping students get active.

District collaborates with City Recreation by allowing them to use the buildings and track to provide exercise and wellness activities for our students.

High School STUCO plans, creates and runs a Winter Palooza for elementary students as a money making project which is activity oriented.



We encourage parents, using our handbook, to bring nutritional snacks for parties.

Water is provided to ensure hydration in the lunchroom and students are allowed to have water bottles in class.

Our food service personnel continue to work to meet the ever-changing demands to ensure safety and compliance to all regulations. We support them and help them to inform parents. We have accessed Bev Stafford, our food service consultant, to help parents and staff understand why changes are necessary for our meals.

Teachers are encouraged to use non-food rewards for students. If foods are used in the classroom, teachers are encouraged to use nutritious food.

3rd graders have Kids A Cooking classes through the county extension office.


Nutrition Education:

Students have attended Body Walk in the past and have also gone to a presentation at Dane-Hansen Museum in Logan for another learning experience about nutrition and wellness. We have to balance budget and opportunity to provide these experiences, often receiving donations to cover expenses.

Nutritional posters are displayed in each lunchroom to inform students. We have accessed Power Panther Pals and used pedometers with students.

Teachers and lunchroom monitors continue to help students apply the nutritional information they have learned as students eat breakfast and lunch.

New idea: Once a month we will add information to our weekly newsletter to inform parents or share nutritional ideas.


Integrated Wellness:

All staff, enrolled in the district’s health insurance plan, is encouraged to participate in health screenings and wellness activities throughout the school year. The screenings and activities are available at no charge and this includes access to a health coach to individualize each person’s plan.

Back to School Day and the Chamber Christmas events bring local community and HS organizations together to promote activity for all out students.

Glo Germs were used through Farm Bureau to help students understand how germs get transferred.