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Board Policies

USD 293 Board Policies



Absences and Excuses - JBD

Acceptable Use Guidelines - IIBF

Accommodating Students with Disabilities - JGFGBB

Administrator Evaluations - CGI

Alternative Arrangements for Nontraditional Students - JQE

Annual Operating Budget - DC

Attendance Records - JB

Automated External Defibrillators - JGCBA

Bullying - JDDC

Bullying by Parents - KGC

Bullying by Staff - GAAE

Children's Internet Protection Plan - IIBGA

Children's Internet Protection Act - IIBGA

Class-Size-Caseload Limits for Exceptional Students - JQLA

Collection Procedures - DP

Communicable Diseases - JGCC

Community Activities - JI

Complaints - JCE

Complaints - KN

Complaints of Discrimination - GAAB

Computer and Device Use - IIBG

Concealed Observations - KGB

Custodial and Non-Custodial Parent Rights - KCB

Disruptive Acts at School or School Activities - KGD

District or School Websites - KBA

Dress Code - JCDB

Drug and Alcohol Free Workplace - GAOA

Drug-Free Schools - GAOB

Drug-Free Schools - JDDA

Early Graduation - JFCA

Emergency Safety Intervention - GAAF

Employment of Students - JJ

Enrollment - JBC

Equal Employment Opportunity and Nondiscrimination - GAAA

Ethics - GUB

Expense Reimbursement and Credit Cards - CEF

Expense Reimbursement - GANA

Family and Medical Leave Act Plan - GARI

Federal Fiscal Compliance - DFAC

Financial Literacy - IKA

Food Services Management - EE

Foreign Exchange Students - JQKA

Gang Activity - JGCAA

Goals and Objectives - CA

Goals and Objectives - JA

Goals and Objectives - GAA

Graduation Requirements - IHF

Guest Date Policy

Harassment - GAAC

Hazardous Waste Inspection and Disposal - EBBA

Health Assessments and Physicals - JCG

Health Screenings - JGCD

Hearing Procedures for Exceptional Students - JQL

Homeless Students - JBCA

Kansas Education Systems Accreditation - MI

Local Wellness Policy - JGCA

Maintaining Proper Control - GAO

Memorials, Funerals, and Naming of District Facilities - FC

Notice of Protection Under the Kansas Tort Claims Act

Online Learning Opportunities - IIBGB

Personnel Records - GAK

Pilot Projects - ICA

Political Activities - GAHB

Probation - JDC

Promotion and Retention - JFB

Protection of Pupil Rights Amendment - Regulations

Protection of Privacy Rights - KCA

Public Records - CN

Public Conduct on School Property - KGDA

Racial and Disability - GAACA

Radical and Disability Harassment - JGECA

Recruitment and Hiring - GACC

Reduction of Teaching Staff - GBQA

Release of Student Records - JRB

Reporting to Law Enforcement - JDDB

Requisitions - DJEF

Safety - EBB

Salary Deductions - GAOF

- AEBSchool Year and Learning Opportunities

School Site Councils - IB

School Vehicles - EDAA

Searches of Property - JCAB

Searches of Students - JCABB

Section 504 Accommodation for Students - IDACB

Security and Safety - EBC

Sexual Harassment - JGEC

Short Model Bullying Plan and Related Forms - JDDC

Special Education Services - IDACA

Staff Use of Communication Devices - GARA

Staff Online Activities - IIBGC

Staff Use of Communication Devices - GAT

Staff-Student Relations - GAF

Standard of Conduct for Federally Funded Contracts - DFAB

Student Accidents - JGFG

Student Activities - JH

Student and Parent Conferences - GBRF

Student Fees and Charges - JS

Student Insurance Program - JGA

Student Organizations - JHC

Student Privacy Policy - IDAE

Student Psychological Services - JGD

Student Publications - JHCA

Student Records - JR

Student Transportation Regulation - JGFF

Superintendent Qualifications - CEA

Superintendent Recruitment - CEC

Supervision of Students - JGFB

Supervision of Medications - JGFGB

Suspension and Expulsion Procedures - JDD

Temporarily Disabled Students - JQA

Title 1 Programs - IDAD

Tobacco and Electronic Cigarettes - JCDAA

Transportation - JGG

Truancy - JBE

USD 293 Policy

Use of School Facilities by Community Groups - KG

Use of Tobacco Products - GAOC

Use of Surveillance Cameras - JGGA

Vending Machines and Other Automated Play Machines - JGHB

Workers' Compensation - GAOE