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QES Sixth Grade Jumps Into Fun

By Andrea Charles



The little Bulldogs are digging their paws into learning.  The biggest little Bulldogs, the sixth grade class, stands with 27 total students.  They spend this year preparing to head up to junior high, but enjoy many fun experiences along the way throughout grade school.

As a class, they are focusing in on integrity.  They have used class examples of simply keeping one’s word to keeping the hallways quiet.  The goal at the end is for the students to show others what integrity is and what it means to live with integrity.  The sixth grade take this role seriously, and see it play out with the younger grade school students.

Camden Polifka noticed,  “All of the little kids look to you, and that is a great thing to know.  It means a lot because that used to be us.”

Interviewing these students showed they were excited about learning, and answering my questions, showing their leadership.

“Being able to be a leader is a really cool feeling and knowing that they look up to us is cool, and it's really interesting being the oldest,” commented Atley Wolf.  

Brooklyn Country added, “I have had so much fun this year, I always try to be a good role model.”  

The sixth graders really enjoy their teacher, Mr. Micah Roehl.  Favorite subjects varied, but students like classes that keep them active and keep their minds moving.

“Math is my favorite subject, and it is a challenge so I don't get bored, and I am always thinking,” commented Serenity Smith.  In math, Mr. Roehl challenged the students to complete a three act task. First students watched Rich Eisen run the 40 yard dash and recorded his time.  Then they converted his time to miles per hour from the seconds given. Using large whiteboards, the class came to a solution and found out that he was running at an average speed of 13.6 miles per hour.

Brooklyn Countryman chose another core subject as her favorite, once again enjoying the active nature of the class. The class recently finished a unit on the rock cycle.

“I love science because we get to learn a lot, I really love how Mr. Roehl teaches and it's a really fun class.”  

In Mrs. Shelby Herl’s Social Studies class, students are learning about World History. To challenge them, they combine technology with everyday projects. Recently the students completed a Google Slide presentation over a pharaoh while learning about Ancient Egypt.  Students also learned how to take information and turn it into a slideshow that was both informative and easy to understand and follow.

Even though they are the top dogs in the school, some still enjoy the basics of grade school.

“I love sixth grade because recess is so fun, Mr. Roehl is a good teacher and makes a lot of great jokes,” commented Abby Flora.  

Tate Blackwill added, “The classes are a lot harder, but it's a lot of fun and it is laid back a little bit.”  

These sixth graders have enjoyed grade school, but they are super excited for junior high, and can't wait to make so many more memories with their friends and classmates.

Camden Polifka said, “It's cool so have so many memories with the people you have been with since Preschool, and it's fun to get new kids and make new memories.”

Overall, this is a class that shows great promise.  They are full of talented individuals who can accomplish many things once they put their minds to them.

“This class can be a lot of fun,” commented Mr. Roehl, “especially when they are focused in and working hard.  It is very interesting to hear them communicate their thinking with each other.”