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Volleyball expectations


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JH Volleyball

Coach Tamara Kuntz 754-3942 (H) 754-8000 (C)

Coach Cassie Selensky

754-3660 (school)



Students must have a physical, a concussion form, and an insurance form turned in to the office to practice or play.



Player must have gym shoes, knee pads and appropriate fitting practice clothes. (No short shorts or shirts that show sports bras)


Game Day Dress:

Players will dress up for away games. They do not have to wear a dress, but no jeans or shorts. The players will look nice traveling to another town, since they will be representing Quinter. They may pack jeans to change into after their games since we do support the football team before coming home. (They may not pack sloppy sweats or pajama pants to change into. They must still look nice.) On home game days and tournament days they may wear jeans and the team t-shirt or a “Quinter Bulldog” shirt.


Absent on Game Day:

Students absent on activity days, unless excused by the Principal, will not participate in extracurricular activities that day. Appointments with doctors, funerals, or religious observances are considered excused. These need to be arranged ahead of time with the coaches.



Practice time will have a huge impact on play time. I expect all players on the court by 2:50. Ten minutes is more than enough time to change for practice. If a player is late to practice, she will have additional running. If your child misses practice for any reason, time must be made up before the next game day or they will not play. (They can arrange to stay after school 20-30 minutes.) A player needs to tell a coach in advance if she will miss practice. Junior high practice is from 2:40-3:45, so please be cautious when scheduling appointments.


Be on Time:

The bus will not wait on a player. The team has a schedule to keep. If the bus is to depart at 8:00 A.M. on a Saturday morning, then make sure your child is there and on the bus ready to go by 7:55 or earlier. The bus will leave with or without them!!!


Traveling as a Team:

All players are required to take school transportation to and from the activity unless otherwise cleared by the coach or by the principal. We prefer for each player to ride the activity bus home as a team; however, if you wish to take your child home with you arrangements must be made with the coaches before you leave the activity site. No students will be allowed to travel home from an event with anyone other than their parent or by school transportation unless cleared through the office in advance of team departure. If the parents determine that someone else pick up their student, an Activity Bus Student Release permit will need to be signed by the parents or guardian provided they come to school and sign the release form in the presence of the building administrator.





I do not expect to have any discipline issues with the team. If for some reason an issue arrives, Coach Kerns and I will address each and any problem. We (you and I) may disagree on the consequences, but have peace in mind that any issue will be handled. Administration will also be informed of any discipline.



Students are not allowed to play if they have an “F” in any class on “Progress Friday”. If they have an “F” on a “Progress Friday” they will be ineligible for two weeks or until the next passing “Progress Friday” report. They can attend home games on their own, but they cannot participate in the game. If they attend the game, we expect them to sit with the team and support the players, not run around the building.


OK Cards

Players will need to have each teacher sign their OK Card before missing a class to attend a game. The cards are printed on green paper. Please check pockets before washing clothes. (They do not survive the laundry at all!)


Behavioral Eligibility: (as posted in the student handbook on page 33)

Students representing Quinter-Junior/Senior High School in extra-curricular activities are expected to be in good standing. KSHSAA Rule 14, Article 2; “A students who is under penalty of suspension or whose character or conduct brings discredit to the school or to the students, as determined by the principal, is not in good standing and is ineligible for a period of time as specified by the principal.” A students who has broken the law, has been arrested and charged with a crime, is not a “student in good standing.” That student is therefore ineligible to participate in school activities until such a time that the student is cleared of the crime. 1st offense: Suspension of one game; 2nd offense: Suspension for the remainder of the season; 3rd offense: Suspension of all sports/activities for the remainder of the year.


Additional money (optional):

Team t-shirt usually $10-12

Team and individual picture $12 (from Fine Line)

Sports button $5 -$7

Packed lunches – We usually do not stop at a fast food place due to a school night or location.


Open Door Policy:

If you need to visit with me, please feel free to call either my home, cell phone, or the school. I will be happy to discuss “your” child’s playing ability; however, I will not discuss their amount of playing time. Nor will I discuss “another” child’s playing ability or playing time with anyone.


I have read and understand all of the expectations for Quinter Junior High Volleyball.


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