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Fourth Grade First of the Year Letter


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Mrs. Brooks’ 4th Grade



Expectations:  We will have a classroom that stresses respect for ourselves and others.  I feel that this creates a safe classroom environment; therefore, enhancing the learning of all students and allowing them to achieve their personal best.  Our classroom will be using the “Lifelong Guidelines” as our classroom “rules”.  Discipline will be handled on a case-by-case basis.  Behavior plans with consequences and/or rewards for individual students will be utilized if necessary.  I stress positive communication between students to help eliminate problems that may arise in the classroom or on the playground.


Curriculum:  We will have a literature-based Reading curriculum.  The district has a reading curriculum but we will also use other books as a resource.  The fourth grade College and Career Ready Standards for the state of Kansas will be covered throughout different units this year.  We will also be using assessments to determine areas that each student needs to work on.  They will be grouped according to need and those groups will be changing all of the time.


Our Language Arts curriculum is integrated with the reading program.  There will be writing activities centered around our reading units and units in Social Studies and Science.  Please feel free to call or contact me if you have any questions.


We will be using many Math manipulatives to aid us in learning our math concepts.  Some of the areas we will be covering are:  multiplication, division, fractions, geometry, measurement, algebra, and many more!!  I feel our Promethean Board has been a wonderful tool in teaching my math lessons and I’m sure your child will feel the same way! J The plan is to have multiplication time tests on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Our school will also be utilizing IXL Math as a way to practice Math on the computers.  It is a way to assess the students before and after a skill is taught.  I’m planning on using part of Friday’s Math time to use this with the students.  They may also practice at home since it’s a web-based practice.


The Social Studies curriculum will consist of learning about the history and resources of the 50 states.  Our goal for this year is to learn the location of all of the 50 states!!  Many of these units will tie in with reading and writing.


Science is the class with the most hands-on activities because of experiments and investigations.  We will be learning about animals, space, earth and its resources, light and sound, and electricity and magnets.


Spelling in 4th grade is done a little differently.  Each week, all students will take a test over 20 words that tie in with a rule.  The students will only be tested on 10 words that they miss on their test or they may even get to choose words from their writings that they have misspelled.  I feel that this gives each student an individualized list that is relevant to what he/she needs to work on.


Class Schedule:  I have attached a copy of our class schedule as of this time.  Some of the times might change and I will try to inform you if that happens.  The “orange” activities are in our classroom.  The “blue” activities will be out of the classroom.


Evaluation and Assessment:  Evaluation will be based on objective-type daily papers and tests.  Observations and anecdotal records will also be documented.  These documentations will be helpful when deciding personal goals for each student.


Portfolios:  If you don’t see a lot of work coming home, it’s probably in the student’s portfolio.  The students put articles in their portfolio that they wish to keep.   I will also encourage them to put some items in it.  You will see their portfolios at conferences.  You may also come in any time to look through them and ask questions.


Homework:  Students will usually have time to complete assignments in class.  However, some assignments may have to be finished at home.  There will be various tests that will have to be studied for at home.  We have “Student Assignment Planners” that will assist everyone in keeping track of your child’s homework.  Please look through the planner every night and put your signature at the bottom.  Make sure all assignments that are due the next day are finished before you sign the planner.  Please write a note if you or your child has questions about assignments that aren’t finished.  Feel free to write any comments or notes at the bottom of the planner.  If there is homework, I will try to make sure it takes no longer than 20-40 minutes.  That time will depend also on how focused your child is when he/she is given class time to work on assignments.


Parties:  Birthday parties can be planned for Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday at 3:00.  Please let me know if you plan to send or bring treats for your child’s party.  We are trying to be more nutritionally conscious as a school so we ask that you consider this when choosing treats for parties.  We also have some children with allergies to certain foods.  We are also encouraging more emphasis on the games and less emphasis on the treats.  Please call if you have questions about this.


Holidays:  We will have parties planned by the parents.  You will have a chance to sign up for a party the night of the Open House.  I will send home a note with names and phone numbers for each party so you can contact each other.


Notes:  If your child is to go somewhere other than where he/she normally goes after school, he/she MUST have a note signed by a parent/guardian, or a phone call to school from the parent/guardian.  If we don’t have parental consent for a change in routine, we must send students where they usually go after school.  If your child has a weekly event, such as piano lessons, scouts, Catch Kids, etc., you may send one note saying he/she is to go to that location weekly.


I would also like to encourage you to call and set up times to come visit our classroom.  We enjoy having visitors throughout the year!!  Please contact me if you have any questions, comments, or concerns.  I ask that if you have a message for me during the day to please call the office.  I don’t check my cell phone until I get home from school and I don’t have facebook for my cell phone.  I also have very limited time to check e-mail so Wanda would be the best way to get me a message quickly.  I am looking forward to working together to make this year a positive learning experience for your child!




                                                                        Mrs. Brooks