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Objective:  To increase knowledge and awareness of different majors and job opportunities available to you.  To match your interests with your dream job.  To prepare you for college/career.

Guest Speakers:  People from different colleges, downtown business owners, bank and investment individuals and others as needed

College/Career Fair this is in the works…not guaranteed for the Fall!


Outlook for class: Requirements

  • Interest Inventory test…Holland Code/ Career Cruising:  Due Date __Aug 25___
  • Pick 5 colleges of interest and compare:  Due Date ___Sept 8__
    • Program requirements
    • Cost
    • Plan of study
    • Bachelor, Master, or PHD
    • Must compare on a spreadsheet and you can not turn in print-offs from                        web site. :  Due Date _____
  • Interview a college/technical college student:  Due Date __Nov 3___
    • Prepared
    • Difference between college and high school
    • If I could do one thing to be prepared for college what would it be?
    • Brainstorm more questions
  • College Signing Day Due Date___May 2___
    • What is this going to look like!
  • Cost of living in college activity:  Due Date Jan 24
  • Where is your money coming from after you walk across the stage for graduation?

Due Date Sept 11

  • Interview your parents and talk about how you are going to fund college:  Due Date _Sept 11____


  • Take time and find scholarships…you MUST fill-out 20 scholarships per nine weeks; make a folder organize it out renewable, local, college, GPA meet  Due Date _____
    • Visit web-sites
    • Career Cruising
    • Check board
    • I will also email you in a group email with scholarships with due dates


  • Resume:  Due Date __9/1___
  • Bio:  Due Date _8/30____
  • Why should you receive this scholarship? Due Date __8/30______
  • Interview TWO people in your career choice:  Due Date ___3/14__
    • Brainstorm questions
  • Financial Piece Modules Due Date
  • Xello information updated Due Date__12/1___ and  ___5/1___



For every ONE athletic scholarship there are 70 academic scholarships!

Act.org/onlinepreplive  this is to help with ACT prep go to actstudent.org